For even the Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve...

Mark 10:45

As Christians, we have all been gifted for and called to service.   It takes all of us together to accomplish what God has called us to do.

Listed below are opportunities for service in and through Covenant Baptist Church.  Click on an area of ministry for a description.  If you are interested in serving in that area or want more information, please click the button below the section in which you are interested.  You will be be taken to a short form to enter your information.


+ Leadership Team 

Our Children's Ministry Team provides leadership and vision for our children's ministry and plans the curriculum and events throughout the year.

+ Midweek Program 

Using The Gospel Project, children take a chronological journey through the Bible while being immersed in the Gospel at every turn.

  • Recreation Leader
  • Snack Leader
  • Teacher
  • Room Assistant
  • Substitute Teacher

+ Nursery 

Our nursery ministry seeks to provide a safe and cheerful atmosphere, caring and capable staff, Bible-based learning activities, as well as age and developmentally appropriate toys and equipment. But without volunteers, we cannot do any of this.

  • Check-In Attendant
  • Worker
  • Substitute Worker

+ Special Events 

Throughout the year, different events are made available for our children to participate in. Most notably, we have a Vacation Bible School and take our kids to Children's Camp each summer.

  • Camp
  • Vacation Bible School

+ Sunday School 

Using The Gospel Project, children take a chronological journey through the Bible while being immersed in the Gospel at every turn.

  • Recreation Leader
  • Snack Leader
  • Teacher
  • Room Assistant
  • Substitute Teacher


+ Leadership Team 

Our Student Ministry leadership team, under the direction of our Student Ministry Director, works to provide our students with a fun, Christ-centered atmosphere of community and discipleship.

+ Midweek Program 

Our Wednesday evening Youth Group is a great time and space for students and leaders to hang out, interact, have fun, and grow in their relationships with God and each other.

  • Adult Leader
  • Music & Worship
  • Small Group Leader
  • Snack Provider
  • Teacher
  • Tech Volunteer

+ Special Events 

Throughout the year, activities are planned for our Youth to build relationships, not just with one another but with other youth in the community as well. Several of these planned activities are joint efforts with other Youth Groups from other churches.

  • Camp
  • Chaperone
  • Community Service
  • 5th Quarter
  • Fundraising
  • Transportation Volunteer

+ Sunday Morning GROW Group 

On Sunday mornings, the Youth meet for a time of Bible study and Christ-centered interaction.

  • Teacher
  • Substitute Teacher

Community Life

+ Care Team

Our Care Team provides just that, care for our church family members. Through prayers to words of encouragement to visits to a helping hand, we want to make sure we are building up the body in love and service.

  • Appreciation Coordinator
  • Bereavement/Grief Care Team
  • Shut-In Visitation (hospital and/or home)
  • Letter/Card Ministry
  • 1st Responder Prayer Team
  • Construction Team

+ Small Group Bible Study 

On Sunday evenings, we invite our church family to meet in homes to study God's Word and "do life together". Small groups are the core units through which we care for one another, mobilize in ministry, and build relationships.

  • Facilitator
  • Assistant Facilitator
  • Host Home
  • Social Coordinator

+ Meals Ministry 

Each Wednesday evening during the school year we provide a meal for all who attend. Beyond that, we have fellowship meals, funeral meals, and provide meals for church members during times of need.

  • Food Server
  • Food Preparation
  • Meal Planning / Coordination

+ Men's Ministry 

Our men's ministry is a time for men to lock spiritual shields as they sharpen each other in the pursuit of masculine godliness and slaying their "giants".

+ Wednesday Evening Programs 

Our Wednesday evening adult programs are geared for discipleship and as a mid-week pick-me-up to encourage people through the rest of the week.

  • Adult Bible Study Leader
  • Assistant Leader

+ Women's Ministry 

Based on Psalm 1:3 and Psalm 92:13-14, our ladies are joining together to THRIVE as women of faith turning healthy relationship into vibrant experiences.


+ Adult GROW Groups 

Each Sunday morning, multiple classes meet to study God's Word and encourage one another in truth.

  • Teacher
  • Substitute Teacher
  • Class Connector
  • Class Service and Activity Planner

+ Hospitality 

During our Sunday morning experience, we seek to be inviting and hospitable. From the moment a person enters our parking lot, we want them to feel expected, prepared for, and welcome.

  • Breakfast Setup
  • Greeter
  • Parking Attendant
  • Safety & Security
  • Visitor Follow-Up

+ Music & Worship Service 

Our weekly Sunday gatherings are a time of worship, fellowship, encouragement, and the corporate study of God's Word, and it is more than just the Worship Team and Pastor who are called to serve. Sunday morning services are not events for people to merely observe, but they are to be interactive experiences in which the Holy Spirit activates, a host of people facilitate, and in which all are called to participate.

  • Pre-Service Prayer Team
  • Musician (vocal and/or instrumental)
  • Tech Volunteer
  • Communion Prep
  • Drama Team
  • Individuals to pray publicly during the service
  • Individuals to read the sermon Scripture passage
  • Invitation Response Team
  • Sharing Your Testimony
  • Stage Design


+ Benevolence 

In an effort to serve and reach our community with the love of Christ, we have avenues of providing assistance to those in need in our community.

  • Cleaning Closet
  • Life Skills Training
  • Handyman & Mechanic Skills

+ Community Outreach/Service 

Throughout the year we plan specific events and opportunities to serve the members of our community and, we pray, earn the opportunity to share with them the gospel.

  • Outreach Event Planning
  • Outreach Event Service
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Treat the Town
  • Service/Work Projects

+ Evangelism 

This is the opportunity for people to do personal, direct evangelism. We absolutely want to show the gospel in our actions, but it is still necessary to share it with our words. How will people know it if no one tells them?

  • Invitation Response Team
  • Personal Evangelism
  • Revival Planning Team

+ Missions Leadership Team 

Our Missions Leadership Team helps plan the vision and schedule for the year in regard to our mission trips. We want missions to be front and center at CBC, and this team helps to make sure that desire is a reality.

+ Mission Trips 

Short-term mission trips are intended to take a person out of their routine and put them into a position where they are wholly focused on Kingdom work. The goal is to not only serve those on the mission field, but to return and translate that passion and focus into our daily lives. We need individuals to help plan such trips.

  • Fundraising
  • Trip Leader
  • Trip Organizer
  • Trip Participant


+ Administration 

Administration which yields organization is a necessary component of ministry. We want to serve God with excellence and accountability, and both of those things require organization as we are sensitive to and follow the Holy Spirit.

  • Offering Counter
  • Record Keeping

+ Facilities 

God has blessed us with our facility and made us stewards of it. We desire to care for it and invest in it so that it continues to be functional and inviting for the sake of the gospel for years to come.

  • Facilities Planning Team
  • Interior Design/Decorating
  • Landscaping
  • Maintenance

+ Medical Response Team 

While our call is primarily to provide spiritual care of people, we want to be prepared with a team of people who are are ready and able to provide immediate medical attention if and when it is necessary.

+ Safety & Security 

While we hope and pray that we never need this ministry, we have an obligation to care for our people, part of which is caring about their safety. This team concerns itself with church safety/security plans and procedures.

+ Special Events Coordination 

Throughout the year we desire to have different community and evangelistic events. To do this, we need people who are willing to do the behind the scenes work to plan the events and make sure they come together as smoothly as possible.

  • Event Planner
  • Hospitality
  • Setup and Teardown

Questions about volunteering?

Please reach out if you still have questions.